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Happy Anniversary Ezria! We’ve been blessed with five entire seasons of Aria and Ezra’s love story. Even though their journey has been far from perfect and definitely has been rough, I know they will get their happy ending eventually. And even though their story wasn’t what we originally thought (*glares at writers*) it was still love. The day they first laid eyes on each other, they fell in love. I’m so proud of Lucy and Ian for bringing Aria and Ezra’s to life with their insane chemistry!

OMG this weeks ep of Taxi Brooklyn is amazing!

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I am completely lost with this story line

frilencer replied to your post: I think I just beat my screen cap reco…

I once took more than 900 Tiva caps for a single episode ahah my fingers hurt so much after that XD

Ohh I meant after I went through them and deleted the ones I didn’t want haha I have had over 1000 an ep before. But normally once I have gone through them all and deleted the ones I didn’t want I normally have about 100 per ep to post.

I think I just beat my screen cap record for an episode.



But this dude just got shot in the heart and I kinda feel his pain right now

It kinda makes it better that I am watching season 11 while editing my Tony and Ziva picspam. 

Well I have gotten past the Christmas ep. Took me 6 tries but I did it

I don’t even want to think about how all those people, yes, PEOPLE are feeling who had the nudes leaked. 

I know that if that ever happened to me, and I found out that MY own body was being shared between people that I never gave permission to see, well I would be distraught! 

If a person want’s to show off their body with someone close to them, then by all means show away. The body is not something to be ashamed of, we all have one. But when someone is taking away your right to decide who sees the most intimate part of yourself, that is beyond disgusting and beyond invasion of privacy.


Always shine, Aileen. I love you.


Always shine, Aileen.
I love you.