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You are so absolutely spot on about everything here. And whether or not you still watch, you are an essential part of this fandom, Elisha. <33

Thank you hun! I wouldn’t say I am essential to the fandom but I would like to think that people still think of me as part of it no matter of my opinions of the new season and that people still see me as their friend. Its been a bad year, life got in the way of me running this blog, mums health problems, last year of uni etc but I hope to be more active now. Not to mention the whole Cote thing just completely damaged things here so I tried to stay away because there was too much arguing and people becoming rude and disrespectful. No one can support Cote because she left the show which makes you not a “real” fan just sums up the stupidity that comes from human beings in this fandom. I would like to think that has died down but there is still too much of it happening. Tumblr kinda makes me sad now because I try to just move forward with the fandom and people here but all it just reminds me of is the way it used to be. I miss the old us.

I feel like I have lost connection with friends here, especially my little Australians because I used to be up most the night blogging about NCIS and having chats about it but I have nothing to do all nighters for anymore. It sounds stupid but that was the only time I could speak to Tash, Peter, Tegan, Ash and everyone else. I miss them.


I officially hate the word “real”.

That is thanks to the ignorant jerks in this fandom. Who gave you the power to say who is a “real” fan or not? You don’t know the connection people have to that show and the reasons why they gained such an emotional connection to it. What is your definition of a “real” fan? Because there are people I know who just casually watch it, are they “real” fans? There are people who blog about it, are they “real fans”? There are people who blog, make gifs and video edit the show, are they “real” fans? There are people who have been with the show for years, who have dedicated years of their lives to it but don’t like the way it’s gone, are they “real” fans?

I could go on and on stating the many types of fans but the use of “real fans”, in my mind dictionary is EVERY GOD DAM PERSON who like/liked the show at some point and it made little to huge impact on their lives. I would gladly exclude the fucking idiots who think they can define that term and use it as a form of insult every time someone says anything in favour of Cote or something not in favour of the show’s direction this season, but that would be hypocritical of me and completely against what I am saying. So yeah, you idiots are “real” fans also.

No one is god of the fans here. If people want to stop watching the show for any reason at all then they are still the “real” fans because at some point they dedicated time to it. I would like to use myself as an example here. I have not watched the show since December, I tried, didn’t like it, oh well. I miss having new eps to watch but I have no interest in watching it but who knows I might one day. But no one can say to me that I am not a “real” fan. I have contributed a fair amount to the fandom over the last couple of years. I was and still am a part of this fandom (I like to think people still think of me that way but life gets in the way of updates sadly), I still watch old eps, I still blog about it, I still TRY to vid it. I have left a mark in the fandom as has every single person who has been in the fandom, even the people who have left.

I am just sick of the term “real” fan being thrown around.

I knew there was a reason why I HATE Peter!

woman, is that meant to insult me?

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This is what happens when you play the guitar #ouch #guitar #ithurtslikeabitch

This is what happens when you play the guitar #ouch #guitar #ithurtslikeabitch

Iv got the baking bug. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting and fresh strawberry&#8217;s #cupcakes #baking #foodporn #chocolate #strawberrys

Iv got the baking bug. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting and fresh strawberry’s #cupcakes #baking #foodporn #chocolate #strawberrys




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Oh god! Have fun! Ughhhhhhhh

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